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Pumice egg in a nest of flame. Burning 2kg/hr of LPG, operating 10 hours per day. Duration one month. Egg dimensions 750 x 500mm.

Reflection pond Auckland City Gallery plaza, New Zealand.

The egg was part of the 2014 Big Egg Hunt; a fund raising project sponsored by Whittaker's chocolate in support of Starship Children's Hospital. The pumice was sourced from Whanganui and Taupo in New Zealand. Thanks to Stephen Brookbanks at Object Support for the use of his welder, Chris Moore at Artistic Ironwork for his kiln and gas supply during the development phase, Elena Keith (artist liaison) for jacking up the venue, and the Auckland City Gallery for making sure everything ran smoothly and operating the piece in my absence.

Video of the work operating at night can be seen here: