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Raising the Stakes


Section of gallery floor cut out and lifted three feet out of the ground. Three week duration. 2.8 x 4.2 x 0.7m.

'Some Kind of Fact, Some Kind of Fiction'. Curated by Marnie Slater. Engine Room Gallery, Massey University, Wellington.

I had been working at Wellington Massey University Art School as the workshop technician for five years and had built much of the gallery space during down time. The Engine Room Gallery was named as such due the room having a past life within the prior Polytechnic as the vehicle workshop pit room in the Engineering Department. I thought it would be an amusing final gesture within the school to 'lift the bonnet' on the 'engine room' to expose some of the previously unseen 'workings' of the institution. The title was also an appeal to future exhibitors to strive for grandeur.