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Powered Lines


Depicts a failure of a major geological faultline that is visible from the sculpture site. The skewed cross structure imagines the shattered boundary between the Wairoa North Fault and the Wairoa South Fault. The piece is created by bolting together hundreds of pieces of equal angle steel varying in section from 40 x 40 x 4mm to 150 x 150 x 12mm. Lengths varied from 0.9m to 6.7m. Re-purposed galvanised iron, cement.15 x 15 x 5m.

The steel was sourced from four retired high tension power lines that had brought power up from Waikato to Auckland. The poles had been installed by the Americans in the 1940s. The galvanising was surprisingly intact and still actively defending the steel. When the poles are retired they are cut and felled then taken to pieces. The mangled steel sections of the giant power carrying structures was co-opted by the East and West arms of the structure into illustrating the geological movement made during the earth-shaking failure in the major fault. Conversely, the North and South arms used solely the straight sections of equal angle steel to clearly allude to seismic charts.

Private commission. Hunua, Auckland, New Zealand.