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Exiled Angel


Exiled Angel, carved from pumice, is one of twelve exhibits in Kim Paton's temporary public artwork called Collected Fictions. Four-month duration. 400 x 400 x 250mm.

Waikato Museum, forecourt, Hamilton.

Exiled Angel was one of 12 small works included in Kim Paton's Collected Fictions public artwork which was located in the forecourt of Waikato Museum and Art Gallery. The portable exhibition venue was opened during the daytime for viewers to engage with the piece and the small works inside, then closed up during the evenings for security reasons.
Exiled Angel is a slightly larger than human-scale skull carved from pumice. The idea is a development in my use of pumice and refers to the flight the volcanically ejected pumice has taken into the heavens, to visit the angels, then plummet back to earth.